Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why foreign is the better pick for CoP

 I now believe I understand why many citizens are completely in favour of a foreigner and totally opposed to a local as commissioner of police (CoP).

Pronouncements by two locals, in different circumstances, have lent support and given credence to their way of thinking.

In the first instance, a local CoP when informed of the blatant looting of materials by the truckload from a church in Guanapo indicated no owner complained and, ergo, no action was taken.

And, alas, this poor, misinformed soul writing in always thought unlawful possession was a chargeable offence.

In the second instance, a local CoP when told of the heckling of a speaker at a political meeting and the storming of the stage, in the presence of uniformed policemen, stated the police’s hands were tied as it was a private meeting. One drunk was all that was needed for a full-fledged melee!

Therefore, if policemen, in a marked car, are passing my house where a private birthday party is in progress and a fracas erupts, with persons wielding sticks and chairs, they should not intervene to prevent loss of life, limb or serious 


This senior citizen, in his ignorance, was of the opinion that as far as is humanly possible, the 

police should always move proactively to thwart the commission of a crime.

It is a shame that young people in my neighbourhood still look up to this old fogey, so very out of touch with simple, elementary upholding of the law, for sage words of advice.

Say what. This is make-believe, Hollywood country and is “jest” we acting. Eh! Bro Valentino?


Manny Joseph 

via e-mail