Friday, January 19, 2018

Why is the Windies so pathetic?

I have tried my best to stay away from any commentary about West Indies cricket but couldn’t help myself after reading Dwayne Bravo’s comment about being “caught off guard” in the ODI game in New Zealand resulting in the WI’s heavy defeat or rather, annihilation, in that game. What utter nonsense. It’s the worst excuse I have heard so far. When are we going to stop making excuses and admit drastic action needs to be taken if we are to fix West Indies cricket?

I have been an avid WI cricket fan day or night—well at least in front of the television or streaming online—but sorry, not any more. You see I predicted the cuttail in New Zealand long before the WI tour of India, just judging from the performances of the two teams leading up to the tour and in spite of the heavy defeat suffered by the Kiwis during their tour of the WI back in 2012—I saw it coming.

Surely drastic action must be taken now lest we wait until we get to the stage where teams like Ireland will be outplaying us—and don’t rule that out if they are granted full Test status by the ICC. I am not saying we have to win every game but win the hearts and confidence of your fans—show that you give it your all when you go out there to represent the West Indies. To lose the way we have in New Zealand? Come on!

What makes these other cricket playing countries look seemingly so much better than us even when they are losing matches? Is it better or earlier development of raw talent? Is it more team unity and discipline among the payers? Is it a more analytical, some would say common sense, approach to the game? Is it better diet? Is it better coaching? Or is it simply more practice makes perfect?

Well, the questions may provide some of the answers.

Anyway by the time this is published we would have lost the fourth ODI and much of the little if any pride we had going into the New Zealand tour. Are we going to allow ourselves to be caught off guard again?

Ricardo Lijertwood

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