Friday, January 19, 2018

Why just plain ol’ Joe for us?

I FIND it most amusing that whenever we elect a new president suddenly his name is rearranged or we begin to refer to him by his middle names—ANR Robinson became “Arthur N R Robinson’’, Max Richards was rechristened “George Maxwell Richards’’, and our current Head of State went from being just plain Anthony Carmona to “Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona’’.

Yet, with all this pomp afforded our local boys, I have noticed how our press has taken to referring to the US vice-president as plain ol’ “Joe’’ Biden, not even taking the time to spell out his full first name … forgive me but I didn’t realise that we were such good friends with the Veep to address him so casually …

Then again, very little of what goes on in this land amazes me anymore.

H Thomas Amin