Friday, December 15, 2017

Why the flimsy barriers?

On reading about the fatal accident along the Uriah Butler Highway in which three people died, I canít help but wonder why the authorities canít get things right and provide safety barriers along the centre median to withstand a collision with a vehicle.

Itís been years and still some areas are incomplete, and according to reports, although there was a barrier for the crash it did not withstand the truck.

What good is the barrier if it cannot withstand a crash?

It is not supposed to be for show. This was supposed to be a priority but like everything else that needs attention, it starts off hot and sweaty and just falls off slowly while nobody says or does anything until an accident such as this happens.

Maybe the project was under-budgeted initially and requires some more millions of dollars to completeóagain.

Hopefully the ďspeed camerasíí will be in effect soon and speedsters will be caught and severely punishedóif we could get that right.

W Dopson