Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why wreck my car?

I am really confused and angry about the illegal vehicle wrecking that is taking place in St James.

I was parked on the corner of Nizam Street and Western Main Road. My vehicle was on Nizam Street facing south and what I consider to be within the legal distance from the Western Main Road.

There are no signs on the pavement indicating the distance where it is safe to park from the corner.

According to eye witnesses (my neighbours), the wrecker just pulled up behind my vehicle and towed it away. The police did not measure the distance and there was no identifying mark that I was illegally parked.

Do we drivers have to accept this unlawfulness imposed by the state upon us?

Where is the justice in this? And what redress do I have?

Can somebody please help me?

David JV Ragoonath

via e-mail