Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why allow noisy pool parties?

Can the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) tell me under what circumstances would permission be granted for a group to host pool parties every weekend? I live at Chin Chin Road in Cunupia, and I can't understand how people in charge of a public pool in the area are allowed to host parties in this residential area every weekend.

A pool is an open area so one should be aware that the music emanating from there is bound to be loud and disturb the entire neighbourhood. My child has problems studying for exams with the loud noise, not to mention my poor sick mother who is a heart patient. I wonder whether permission is ever granted, or if it is, on what basis.

Coincidentally why would Town and Country grant permission for this facility in a residential area? I am aware that both the Ministers of Planning and the Environment live in the area, but sadly the noise doesn't reach as far as where they live so, obviously, no one cares.

I ask, if it was Westmoorings or any other such area could this have happened? It was reported on news recently that police had to close down a party at this very facility since no license was granted so clearly all is not well.

Calls to the Cunupia Police Station fall on deaf ears.

Why is the EMA granting permission for an open air facility like a pool in a residential area to have parties every week? Please someone, give an answer. I am going deaf in Cunupia.

A Singh