Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why does Israel feel threatened?

I WISH to respond to David Salinger's article entitled, "Ignorance Over Israel-Palestine Issues" in the Daily Express of December 19.

In his article, Mr Salinger made the comment that the Palestinians collect over $2 billion annually from the United States and the European Union and said they were masters of victimhood. Really?

Mr Salinger, what about the fact that right after the UN vote in favour of Palestine, Israel seized $120 million in tax revenue rightfully due to Palestine?

Where do you, Mr Salinger, expect the Palestinians to gain other revenue in light of the stranglehold Israel has on it?

Another question to Mr Salinger is why has the two-state solution been dealt a death blow because of this UN vote? Why is Israel so threatened by a Palestine state?

You see Mr Salinger, you said Rickey Singh's Sunday Express article of December 9 reflected a lack of knowledge of the issues, but this is a classical case of the pot calling the kettle black.

And lastly Mr Salinger, I speak Arabic and your point about doublespeak...Please Mr Salinger, spare us the blind and biased support of Israel without the real facts.

W Alley