Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why must my Mayaro remain at a standstill?

As time goes by, we experience so many changes in this country. In most cases, changes are good, making way for improvement, a better quality of life for our nation's citizens, and so on.

However, while leaders come and go, it seems that a specific vision for Mayaro and its people remains!

Mayaro is known as a small fishing village, and it seems as though that is all we should be known for and we have to be content with it, but we are in a new era, we need more! Just imagine, T&T recently celebrated 50 years of Independence, and where I live at Bristol Road, Bristol Village, Mayaro, we still depend on God for water rain water! Every time we meet the councillor (Kishree Kissoon), or MP (Winston "Gypsy" Peters) they would say "all yuh gettin water soon.... just wait ah little nah". If after 50 years and we still don't have to wait much longer for a pipeborne water supply, I wouldn't wish to hear them say we would have to wait long! We have a lot of young people in the area and we don't even have a playground in Bristol to keep them active and away from delinquency.

Protest action has been taken by parents whose children are attending the Mayaro Government School. Some of the problems at the school are :

1. Understaffing the infant department has been without teachers since last term.

2. Faulty electrical wiring due to this all the computers have crashed.

3. Roof repairs needed.

4. Falling louvres.

5. Clogged drainage the place floods when rain falls and is rat-infested when it is dry.

6. Faulty plumbing.

7. Terrible toilets you have to see to believe. They are flooded, broken and......... I wish the PM or Minister of Education could see it.

Mayaro has been, and is literally feeding this country with oil and gas for generations and this is the treatment we are getting? With the amount of oil and gas being "pumped" out of this "fishing village" Mayaro should be the most developed community in T&T. Wake up Government of T&T, wake up corporate Mayaro! Together we stand, divided we fall.

Give us the proper facilities and help, so we can produce not only doctors, lawyers, professional sportsmen and women, but some presidents and CEOs to lead the numerous energy-based companies in our backyard at Galeota Point!

E Nandlal

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