Saturday, December 16, 2017

Why no protest over Caroni closure?

Where were they when Caroni closed down and protesters were manhandled, pushed, threatened?

I read with interest the "protest" in POS and the "vote" against AG Ramlogan and Jack Warner. How many ways can I say that this is without foundation. The Prime Minister has addressed the problem, Herbert Volney was found responsible for this debacle and made to pay the political price.

People need to wake up and smell the coffee. Rowley, Roget, Abdulah and Maharaj are all about power. They are using this to denigrate and tarnish the image of the Government.

Under the PNM government they would have not paid attention at all. In fact what the PNM would have done would have been to utilise the services of the police authorities to come out in their numbers ready, willing and able to punish any crowd into submission.

Remember the large police presence when Caroni was closed down under PNM? My grandfather has become a pauper since those days yet Roget gets increases for workers in the energy sector.

Where is the equality? Where was Rowley, Roget, Abdulah and Maharaj when Caroni was closed down? Protesters were seen being manhandled and threatened with batons, protesters were pulled, pushed and dragged.

Rowley is only trying to muster support because his survival depends on it and only wants one thing power. He is challenged internally and can only get support from one section of the population. The other section has not reacted because the PM has been cogently addressing the issues.

What has the AG done? If he has done anything then Rowley et. al. should bring the evidence and refer the matter to the Integrity Commission or the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau.

This so-called "uproar" is a attempt perpetrated by Rowley and the PNM to hide the numerous matters which are before or soon to be before the courts in relation to the forensic investigations led by the AG and their numerous incriminating findings. What about the BOLT matter in Tobago? Instead of calling for resignation or firing of the AG and Warner in which there is no evidence but just a perception, why not focus on the strong evidence pointing to PNM malfeasance and misbehavior in public office?

People must remember the salient difference between the PNM and People's Partnership. There is strong evidence before the courts on misbehaviour and/or corruption in public office against the former while for the latter there is none.

Primshand Ramlackhansingh