Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why no water?

We awoke on November 17 to dry taps. Please, someone, listen to our pleas as residents of Arima north-east. We continue to suffer due to lack of a regular water supply.

Over the past weeks, there has been no water on afternoons; a trickle comes at night. Now this new development: no water on mornings. Why, after years of problems and several complaints, is there no solution to the problem?

Homeowners have resorted to installing tanks and pumps with resulting higher electricity bills. Complaints to the authorities under the former government brought no relief. Why has this situation not been resolved?

The inconvenience is unbearable and the situation poses a real threat to our health and well-being. We are highlighting this problem so that the entire population would be aware of our plight.

Elma Ramsumair