Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why so late?

I am often puzzled as to why the Soca Monarch final starts so late. I feel the same way about the Chutney Soca Monarch final.

Imagine, every year it's the same thing over and over with apparently no regard for the thousands who stand for hours for the competition to actually start.

Worse yet, the new trend seems to be that after 4 a.m. the competition is still in progress and the patrons are asked to leave the venue without hearing the results.

Seeing that we have two categories (the Groovy category was a fantastic idea) I strongly advise that the show start promptly at 8 p.m. with fireworks and guest artistes and the competition start at 9 p.m. and the show ends by 3 a.m.

I was shocked to learn that a band was expected to perform at around 5 a.m. Excuse me!

I was very very angry to see that the Chutney Soca Monarch competition started at 11 p.m. Gosh, I was ready to cuss in many different languages.

Not me again in these competitions. Too much stupidness and apparently party promoters always seem to be taking the patrons for fools. The system is too backward for words sad.

U Thomas

Port of Spain