Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wrecking crewsoverzealous

I seldom agree with Colm Imbert, but I fully support and endorse his statement on the issue of the wreckers on Ariapita Avenue at 1 a.m. a couple weekends ago.

The enthusiasm with which these wreckers have been operating is very revealing and whilst the police officer on board is there to "legitimise" the operation, he should also use his discretion as to whether a vehicle poses a traffic hazard or obstacle, but it seems that he too probably benefits personally and therefore any vehicle parked marginally over the line is likely to be wrecked.

Whilst the law states that one must park nine metres from a corner, in most cases this is unmarked and it is therefore left to the arbitrary discretion of the officer and the wrecker operator.

It would be interesting to find out the name of the operator of these vehicles as it is possible they are all owned by someone with the right connections.

E Weston

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