Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wrong agenda from that priest

It is a sad day for us when a priest, who is supposed to represent God to the rest of us, unashamedly tries to rationalise and lobby for a lifestyle that clearly contradicts Godís word. This person appeals to a false sense of justice and equality as he argues for persons who have adopted a homosexual lifestyle.

All human rights were given to us by God ónot man. We cannot conduct our lives contrary to Godís design and then try to rationalise it, justify it, and appeal to others to condone it. I will be first to admit that people of any colour or race are equal in the sight of God. However, the Creator did not give us the right to live as we pleaseódoing whatever our depraved imaginations come up withóand then claim we have a human right to do so.

If someone has chosen that path for themselves, thatís fine, but please do not ask the country to accept as normal.

When we live a life of sexual immorality, debauchery and perversion we are rebels against our own conscience, our sense of right and wrong and ultimately against our Maker. Some people would have us believe that we are descended from apes; this convenient lie ostensibly gives us the right to act like animals. This is far from the truth and flies in the face of a loving God who created mankind with divine purpose.

It is also wrong for us to live together as man and wife outside of marriage and then claim that we should have the same rights as married couples. It is wrong to engage in adultery and polygamy and claim that we are entitled to equal treatment under the law.

Our women (and men) try their best to show off their entire bodies for Carnival, wearing beads to cover only the most erotic parts of the body and have others sanction or defend this behaviour. We have several murders a day, our children are being sexually abused, and all we can think about and fight for is more depravity and sin. This is a time for the priests to lead the nation in repentance, crying out for Godís mercy and forgivenessónot condone ungodliness and then have the boldness to insist that our Constitution should make room for such lifestyles.

We need to love persons who struggle with homosexuality and show Godís love to them by pointing them to His design and purposeówe need to empathise, not condone.

E Rampaul

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