Friday, February 23, 2018

Wrong direction for Carnival 2013

CARNIVAL 2013—success or failure?

Well, if you appreciate really good compositions and delivery of calypso, it was a failure. If, on the other hand, you are satisfied with Mickey Mouse, kindergarten standard, you got your money's worth.

Whether your favourite steelband won or not, I think you'll agree that competition came off well.

Kiddies Carnival is always a joy to behold and I give my usual thumbs up.

If, as in the past, you looked forward with anticipation to the grandeur and excitement of the Dimanche Gras show, you were in for a shock, but for those who do not mind paying good money to endure mediocrity, congrats.

If, like myself, your heart swells with joy at the beautiful sound of steel and brass orchestras, then you were deeply disappointed once more, but if you are moved to dance by the repetitious bellowing of some guy on a truck, you must have had a blast.

If you felt a part of the tremendous talent that produced the magnificent costumes, the designs of the not-too-distant past, if you shared in the pride, then your heart must have bled.

If, however, you are a voyeur who gets gratification in gazing at naked women, then your Carnival was a thrilling success.

And if it continues in the same vein, then I fear for your heart next year.

Carnival 2013 left much to be desired. Here's hoping for vast improvements.

Tyrone Evans