Sunday, February 25, 2018

Yellow peril

the UNC descends on the people of Tobago from helicopters, adorned in yellow T-shirts, with yellow flags, with yellow balloons, mugs, footballs etc.

All this in support of Ashworth Jack's TOP. And 14 UNC ministers clad in yellow...Oh yes... Anil was there as well. Talk about overkill!

Any young child from Charlotteville or Moriah could have told the the UNC that Ashworth Jack was about to lose again, and the older folk became terrified and resorted to prayers.

And here's the irony: if left alone, the TOP might have won a few seats. But we went in there, like a big, ugly, yellow bull in a china shop, terrifying the population as evidenced by the election results, and more importantly, by the heavy turnout 70 per cent I believe.

Note carefully I said "we" because I still have my UNC party card, and I have nightmares featuring Patrick Manning as Prime Minister of this country.

M Gopaul

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