Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yes, the Cybercrime Bill is necessary

The president of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, Wesley Gibbings, has called for Government to withdraw the Cybercrime Bill 2014.

Mr Gibbings noted the bill proposes excessive penalties and if it becomes law it will not only restrict press freedom but criminalise the communication of every citizen.

The truth is, however, that the bill is designed in no way to muzzle or control the operations of the media but rather to treat with harassment, cyberbullying, damage to reputation and extortion via the use of a computer system.

Thus, the bill seeks the protection of our citizens.

Therefore, one should not see this bill as seeking to restrict freedom of expression and freedom of the press but consider the merits of the bill and what it seeks to achieve.

In a technologically evolving world legislation is definitely needed to reduce cybercrimes.

Mark Louis

Lange Park