Thursday, January 18, 2018

Your child is not a bobolee

I am greatly saddened and appalled by the creation and circulation of the video in which a 12-year-old girl was beaten by her mother as a means of discipline. What horrifies me more is that the commentator of a local radio station commends the mother for her actions. He goes further to encourage his listeners as well by supporting their views in favour of the beating. Imagine my displeasure having to listen to this on my way to work yesterday.

I want that particular person, his listeners and anyone else out there who supports this to ask themselves these questions?

1. How does beating a child help reduce violence in society as you so claim? You mean to say you fight fire with fire?

2. How can you as a parent beat your child like an animal and expect that child to grow up without psychological problems?

3. So you got licks as a child and turned okay you say? Let me answer that for you. No, you didn’t because you still have the mentality that you have to “cut the children tail” for them to listen.

Now a famous argument among a lot of people discussing this matter is, children these days more “harden” and it’s a different time. Every era has its share of problems and rebellious youth. The difference is that we, in this day and age, should know better as we have more access to education in terms of our rights. It is the basic human right of a child to be loved and protected.

Beating a child in such a manner as that shown in the video is not portraying love and protection. That action is instilling fear. Anyone in support of this action might as well support domestic violence. After all, “ent’’ the opinion is that you deserve what you get for what you do?

We have made advances in technology so why not be advanced in means of discipline. Sit down and talk to your children once in a while so they wouldn’t seek attention from the wrong quarters. Explain things to them, don’t try to beat it into them. Ask them if they have troubles and help them to deal with those problems. Don’t cause more by beating and cursing the children. If they can’t depend on you who do you want them to depend on when they have problems? You were named care givers for a reason!

A Arcia

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