Monday, February 19, 2018

'Black' power?

I REFER to Haydn Murray's letter in the Express of December 12 ("Howling for Machel's head").Yes Mr Murray, more power to Machel the assaulter. Why? Well, because he black nah! Perhaps the court and public should take into account the fact that he is not just a man who assaulted several people, but a black man who assaulted several people. Maybe then they would see that they obviously need to vindicate him because... well, he black. No matter how eloquently you word your letter, this is the essence of it.

I find it absurd that you can be upset about citizens wishing to see justice delivered, simply because they are black and the assaulter is black. Should we overlook wrongdoings on the basis of race now? What about the victims? Shall we take them to court for vexing a "talented and successful young African entertainer?" Perhaps you would not mind taking a trip down to court and saying your line "More power to you, Machel!" in the face of the victims. Then you can go home and complain about the lawlessness of the country, and why nobody does anything about it.

Another thing. Mr Montano is not a young African entertainer. He is a young Trinidadian entertainer, just as his victims are young Trinidadian people. Your loyalty is misplaced; it should be to your people and to justice, not to a race.

Mariyah Rahman

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