Saturday, February 17, 2018

no to one-way school phones

 To the authority responsible, please do what it takes to have the telephones at schools working as they should. As an administrator in a primary school of over 750 pupils you would realise (or may not realise) the number of important calls that need to be made on a daily basis. Most or maybe all school phones are now one-way where we can only receive calls and not make any calls. But guess what? Some of us do use the phones for school purposes. 

On any given day we have to call parents/guardians of children who are ill. Some of them are sent to school ill, others fall ill while in school. Mr Minister whose phone do I use to make these calls? Case in point: a couple days ago a teacher noticed a child with a ringworm on his face. We needed to call the parent right away.

Another child fell ill and had vomited all over his uniform. He was also running a temperature. We needed to make a phone call. 

I needed to talk to my supervisor urgently...we needed a phone call. Mr Minister when a child falls ill and we need to contact the parents or call EHS we cannot wait. Teachers do not like using their cellphones because apart from the cost attached, their numbers show up and then parents call them at all hours for minor problems.

 The school funds cannot afford to foot cellphone calls now because the Minister stopped us from all fund-raising.

Please have school phones reinstated. 

S  Mohammed

via e-mail