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Artists, writers snubbed by Government

In response to our Prime Minister’s “personalised” letter inviting us to participate in the Government’s “National Conversation”, I’d like to initiate a national conversation on the arts, with special focus on the neglected genres—art and writing. Read More »

No religious displays on state property

On entering a State enterprise to pay a utility bill recently in Central, I was surprised to see a murti and an offering plate placed on a counter inside the building in the public area. Read More »

Parks, no place for garbage

Seeing how we as a people are so unconcerned about the environment, I am begging the Port of Spain City Corporation to please put some trash bins in the Nelson Mandela Park. Every day there is a proliferation of garbage of every kind around the park because there is nowhere for the patrons to put the trash. Read More »

Why no action on scratch bombs

It is a well-known fact fireworks and scratch bombs are illegal commodities. Members of the Police Service have even been quoted on national television as saying so. Yet they continue to do nothing. Read More »

Responsibility comes with freedom of expression

In the last year, we have seen many glaring examples of why our country is staring into a deep, dark abyss. We, as a nation, are trying to keep our heads above water, struggling against this morass due to our disrespectful behaviour. The highest offices in our land are faced with vitriolic attacks with too much frequency and ferocity. We should not allow our country to descend down this dark road. Read More »

We like it so!

Dwayne Bravo did the right thing. Do not blame him at all. He stressed all the players were on board. There are many problems here. Pele, even Diego Maradona, have never been great coaches. Similarly, West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) needs super smart people, not someone who was a great player. Read More »

Don’t spoil positive event

I wish to refute the claim that plastic bottles seen on the Priority Bus Route were as a result of the participants of the UWI SPEC International Half Marathon. The race organisers were very careful to ensure a plan to distribute and retrieve plastic bottles was in place. They went so far as to contract the services of a plastics recycling company to ensure these plastics are disposed of in a way that is not harmful to our environment. Read More »

A show of kindness

I would like to express my most sincere thanks to a gentleman who came to my rescue after my vehicle was towed from Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain, last Friday after having a luncheon meeting with a senior Crown prosecutor from Manitoba, Canada, who was on a short family visit. Read More »

North coast roadway needs upgrade

As a fairly regular visitor to the North Coast, I am extremely dismayed at the absolute deterioration of the roadway along this pristine part of Trinidad and Tobago. Visitors to this area will tell you stories of the rejuvenating powers to one’s whole being brought about by a short stay or visit to this area, the sight to see, the places to visit and the less-than-frenetic lifestyle of the residents living in harmony with their environment. Read More »

Never again for the WI

If it were up to me, Dwayne Bravo and the ringleaders who orchestrated the pull-out of the West Indies team from the Indian tour would never play cricket for the West Indies or their national team ever again. No ifs and buts. Read More »

Is T&T becoming a state like Egypt?

We should have respect for the Office of the President. We may have different views regarding Reema Carmona’s attire. However, is criticising her clothing tantamount to disrespect? Accor­ding to Sharon Froget-Miller, was it necessary for her husband to bring “out the big guns to assuage his wife’s hurt”? A discussion of the criticisms levelled at three world-renowned women should shed some light on this issue. Read More »

Better ambulance service needed

The position of Minister of Health is not an easy one. Fifty per cent of people will say you are wrong for the job and the other 50 will say “this is God in a white jacket”. The proper procurement of a reliable/unreliable ambulanc­e service has much to do with the eventual rating. Read More »

Aunty Hazel the ultimate total person

Several years ago, I met with Mrs Hazel Ward-Redman at the then TTT on Maraval Road, Port of Spain. We spoke at length as I sought information for an assignment, “Total Person”. Read More »

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