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Challenging Industrial Court powers

I recall when the Industrial Court was being conceived, there was a specific objective to minimise, and in some cases prohibit, appeals against its judgments, in Read More »

Petty perceptions

The victory of the 68 trade union workers against NP (National Petroleum) in the Industrial Court may send as dramatic a message as the popular movie 300. Read More »

Inept at infrastructure

The recent debate about appropriate accommodation for our President seems to have taken a narrow view. Read More »

Far ahead in the race

It’s very interesting to observe that many letters in the press are written with the hope of creating the perception that the People’s Patnership Government’s term in office is coming to an end. Read More »

The President has been disadvantaged

I read the letter of Kenneth Lalla in the newspaper and was amazed that he missed a salient point about the President’s housing allowance of $28,000. He made reference to the main issue but treated it as a side show. Read More »

Carmona should be exempted from making refund

During the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of controversy in the print media, TV, radio and talk shows on the President’s housing allowance. Read More »

Time to modernise City Gate

I wish to express my utter disgust at the state of City Gate. Firstly I want to highlight the lack of proper facilities at this major transit hub. Read More »

No need for foreign experts

Pertaining to the disaster of the Manzanilla/Mayaro Road, Wednesday’s Express editorial asked: “If there was an engineering solution which would have stopped heavy rains destroying over 300 metres of road surface, why were such measures not taken long ago? There is “an engineering solution” and it is the construction of drains equipped with sluice-gates to allow extremely excessive rainfall to exit the Nariva Swamp. Sluice-gates are necessary to prevent sea water from entering the swamp. Read More »

We’re losing another generation

Alarm at the events at Cunupia High School has predictably abated. No need to worry anymore. We have been told there will be guidance officers etc. Read More »

Price hike good for health

I was rather pleased that the most popular junk food chain had increased its prices recently. Hopefully, this would redound to better health for those for whom the increase is too steep. My only regret is that the increase wasn’t greater so that even more persons would stay away, further reducing the health bill of the nation. Read More »

Put hovercraft on Manzanilla-Mayaro route

The collapse of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road was a phemomenon waiting to occur. This roadway, some 15 miles long, is always impassable when heavy rain causes the lagoon to merge with the sea. Read More »

Please enforce those mental health laws

My sincerest sympathy goes out to the family, friends and teachers of the eight-year-old school girl who was brutishly attacked by a male predator at a Scarborough primary school in Tobago. The Ministry of Education and the Tobago police are calling for more security at schools but this is insufficient. Read More »

At that cost pave road to Mayaro in gold

Perhaps the fault lies in the method of reporting on public services. Yet again, it could be that senior public officers have grown used to an absence of proper methods of accounting to citizens that they feel they could simply throw out words and figures at taxpayers which they must accept because an elite group of contractors appear to hold this country hostage for prohibitive costs over shoddy and inept workmanship. Read More »

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