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The real menace to T&T

My country continues to be one of the most lawless in this hemisphere, but what disturbs me even more than this fact is the way citizens at large seem to have simply accepted this tragedy. Read More »

Rowley seems oblivious to world issues

The leader of the Opposition has proven himself to be a coward person and the People’s National Movement (PNM) is in a bad position with him as a leader. The bold move by our Prime Minister, the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, to co-sponsor the United Nations resolution on terrorism has put this country on the world map, led by a woman with the fortitude to be a decision-maker equal to any First World leader. Read More »

Civil society should intervene

It takes a lot to get people to focus beyond the here and now to look at the big picture and the future. Read More »

Losing heart over Wayne’s antics

I have become most disheartened at environ­mentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh’s recent antics. Read More »

Violence is not the Islamic way

The Almighty God has placed great hope in the potential of the human species. He tells us in the Qur’an that humans were created in the best of moulds. Read More »

PM owes the country an explanation on UN move

Given the volatile nature of the state of affairs in Iraq, our Prime Minister should have left well enough alone, and not co-sponsor the UN resolution on international terrorism with the USA. Read More »

Out of timing to condemn PM, Dr Rowley

Utter nonsense, is my take on the Opposition leader’s condemnation of our PM’s decision to co-sponsor the UN’s resolution (eventually adopted) which requires all 193 UN member states to “prosecute and penalise’’ their citizens who travel or attempt to travel abroad for terrorism training and also to share databases to help track and prevent movement of suspected foreign fighters. Read More »

Obey the court’s ruling

I Just want to remind the public it was Dr Kublalsingh who initiated court proceedings against the Point Fortin Highway and all the things they are speaking about now formed part of their defence and the court ruled against them not once, but three times. Why don’t they abide by the court rulings? Read More »

Factory of misguided youths, broken dreams

“The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge” is the most apt biblical quote to describe the traumatising events of East Port of Spain. Embracing the hope that armoured vehicles would be the solution is akin to believing that putting a plaster on a running sore will work. Life teaches us that quick solutions are not always the best. Read More »

Don’t insult our intelligence

The Standing Finance Committee exercise that intends to go through the various allocations to various Government Ministries with the aim of rationalising the monies allocated to them has all but good intentions built within it. Read More »

A vote on people’s human rights?

A few years ago, a former minister of a past government told me the aspiration of his government was to have T&T become a First World nation by 2020. He referred to it as the “20-20 project”. But having observed all the scandals of the present Government, I have begun to wonder... Read More »

Since when Madam PM?

PM states the nation should decide by referendum of the rights of gays, notwithstanding the Equal Opportunity Act of 2000. On the far more important issue of our rights regarding constitutional changes, she chooses to ram those changes down our throats, in spite of our calls for a referendum on those changes. So since when she gets to decide when to call a referendum or not. Does T&T now have a monarchy ? Jeffrey Lewis via e-mail Read More »

Rights of all citizens not up to the people

As a budding First-World country, the Prime Minister is willing to leave several citizens in the fires because lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights are a “sensitive topic”. It is to be left up to the people of the country to decide whether their fellow citizens will receive the rights they are supposed to have as people. Read More »

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