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Conversation or mamaguy?

“There will be a variety of different ways to participate in the National Conversation, including a website which has been launched to solicit and gather feedback. Read More »

Building the trust

Recently in the UK a scandal emerged over culture minister Maria Miller’s misuse of public funds. Miller was accused of using public monies to fund the building of a house for her parents. The allegations were investigated and Miller was cleared of any wrongdoing regarding the house, but was told to repay £5,800 (approx TT$580,000) in expenses that she wrongly claimed. Read More »

Some folks only understand violence

Why don’t the residents of crime-ridden areas protest when someone in their area kills another, just as they do when they allege that a person is killed by a police officer? If they do then violence in these areas will cease or be less. Read More »

Not a cop in sight

Where is the Police Highway Patrol? During the massive traffic jam last Wednesday, which I joined at 6.30 p.m. at the Beetham Highway at John John, there were no officers to be seen. I left at the Maritime roundabout and rejoined at El Socorro. Not a police car in sight. What happened? How many vehicles does this “Highway Patrol” have? How many officers are assigned to this unit? Read More »

Handling the ‘sex-ed’ challenge

In a recent article on the subject of sex education, president of the National Parent Teachers Associa­tion (NPTA) Zena Ramatali reiterated her desire to see it as being part of the school curriculum because, as she said in effect, things are getting way out of hand. Read More »

Many murders still left unsolved

While the Minister of Nation­al Security is probing how information about a new police Flying Squad was “leaked” to the Oppo­sition via “mailboxes”, I remain deeply worried about the abysmally low detection rate of murders in this country over the past several months. Read More »

Take action, Mr Mayor

San Fernando Mayor Mr Kazim Hosein’s response to quarrying at the San Fernando Hill Read More »

Why foreign is the better pick for CoP

I now believe I understand why many citizens are completely in favour of a foreigner and totally opposed to a local as commissioner of police (CoP). Read More »

Rule of law gets licks in schools

I am against corporal punishment, or physical child abuse, for any reason. If you beat a child (no matter how slight) to force them to do your bidding, you are a bully and a child abuser. If you were beaten as a child, you were abused and all the people who beat you are child abusers. This fact is hard to admit, as it leads to the unthinkable—that the people you admired most in your life and looked to for protection and direction were the very ones who abused and humiliated you; and that you are possibly an active child abuser or have been in the past. Read More »

Do cops have anything to fear?

Did I read and hear correctly?—the Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan, saying, in relation to the leaking of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) report, the PCA “must be careful that it does not do more harm than good by appearing to be over-zealous in its investigations against police officers. It must strike the right balance in the public interest so that police officers will not become too fearful about performing their duties”. Read More »

Regulate pet stores

Pet stores are in urgent need of regulation. While driving along the Eastern Main Road recently, just east of Morvant Junction, I was appalled at what I observed. Located just outside a store front was a horizontal cage of rabbits, exposed to the full glare of the sun. The rabbits were packed like proverbial sardines in a tin and were suffering in the heat of the sun. Read More »

Saving us from spiritual blindness

In this country, where scandals seem to be the norm, murders and other serious crimes are soaring and corruption is the order of the day, it is easy to let another Easter season pass by, unremarked. Let us use this season to resurrect right behaviour from the quicksand of ignorance, greed and anger. Did we wash away our feet of ignorance on Holy Thursday? Crucify our ego on Good Friday? Read More »

Rapid Response Units only for those who need it

I read a letter by a Jonathan Cooper (Saturday Express), applauding the work of a recently launched unit in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), interestingly identified as the Rapid Response Unit (RRU). Mr Cooper seems quite impressed with this unit, to the point of taking time out to highlight and applaud their efforts. One cannot help but wonder why, in this land where no one has confidence in any of the many State institutions, especially the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). Read More »

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