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Too much ‘discretion’ for Housing Minister

There are many issues that can be identified as among the most pressing in Trinidad and Tobago. Read More »

Whatever happened to the right to recall?

I make a call for the right to recall for MPs who do not represent their constituencies. Read More »

The blind children need an education too!

Shameful and probably criminal. That’s the only way to describe the Ministry of Education’s treatment of the pupils at the School for the Blind in Santa Cruz. Read More »

Problems with this ‘Trinbagolese’

In his column, “Who ‘would’ win? Or is it ‘will’?” (Express, April 16) Dr Winford James raises an important topic in grammar, the sequence of tenses, ie, the correct tense that a verb in a subordinate clause should have in relation to the tense of the verb in the main clause or vice versa. He does so by discussing the use of “would” and “will”. Read More »

Much more than a $26,000 chair

Wednesday’s Express editorial dealing with the issue of “abuse of power” by public officials, with reference to the purchase of a $26,000 chair, seems on the same continuum as a letter I had intended to write on the subject of corruption—but not in terms of the money allegedly misused or stolen, but the lack of managerial ethics of those under whose portfolio the “tiefing” occurs and the attempt by such “managers” to cover, deny or to be duplicitous about the truth. Read More »

Time to leave Privy Council behind

I am an American citizen who was originally admitted to the Bar in Pennsylvania in 1978, New York in 1985 and Trinidad in 2004. Read More »

Why help Govt make a mockery of Parliament?

Giving him the benefit of any doubt, I have to assume Ralph Maraj, in his Express column (“Get back in there, PNM”—Tuesday, April 14), is sincere in his notion the Opposition should have sat through and joined the United National Congress-led Government in debating the no-confidence motion against Keith Rowley; but I am unable to find any merit to his several arguments. Read More »

Questions for Fr Harvey

1. What are the parameters for determining non-partisan criticism and non-partisan guidance? After all, the scriptures are not aligned with “Caesar’s” constitution, and there are non-Christians and atheists among us with equal rights. Read More »

Is it Windies Cricket or cricket?

I have often asked myself over the past five years or so if the West Indies team is playing Cricket (that wonderful game that often keeps us on the edge of our seats), or cricket (that hopping insect that produces a loud, chirping sound that’s both annoying and disturbing). So far, I am leaning toward the latter version. Read More »

Our team down under

The England cricket team is currently in the Caribbean for a three-Test series. This is to be followed by the Australians for a two-Test series. To the West Indian cricket fans who are excited about these matches and hope our team performs well, let’s face reality. Read More »

Unkind, behaviour hurting productivity

A couple days ago, while on the way to the airport on a Public Transport Service Corporation bus that left Port of Spain at 2 p.m., I had to protest the driver’s delinquency in stopping at traffic lights and corners to let off his colleagues and friends. Just like so many other public servants while on duty, they behave like they’re on their own time. Read More »

Tighten up teacher selection process

The system of teacher recruitment in Trinidad and Tobago leaves room for corruption and discrimination. When people apply to teach, the Teaching Service Commission, headed by a single person, is responsible for calling them to be interviewed. Under this system, this lone person can call whomever he wants and when he wants. Read More »

The way out of our mess

I was driving down Richmond Street in Port of Spain a couple days ago and observed two boys, ages about ten-12, having an altercation on the sidewalk. Read More »

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