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Why repeat errors of our parents and teachers?

I wish to thank the Express for its editorial of March 14, headlined: “Demand better schools, not licks”, Alicia Hoyte, for her letter published on March 22, headlined “Positive discipline, not sound beatings, and Vaneisa Baksh for her column of April 17, entitled: “The short brutish life of Brandon”. All of these publications, and others in similar vein, including writings by Kevin Baldeosingh and Basil Pires, contribute in no small measure to our understanding of the negative effects of corporal punishment on children. Read More »

Consider public’s interest in First Citizens fiasco

I would like to commend Peter Permell, minority shareholders advocate, on his astute, incisive and coherent letter in respect of the First Citizens IPO fiasco. Without committed and fearless persons like Mr Permell, this issue would have disappeared. Read More »

Public servants need to show respect

I have had to visit the Immigration Office on upper Frederick Street, Port of Spain, several times recently to apply for a Trinidad and Tobago passport and each time the treatment by the passport authorities has been increasingly disgraceful. Read More »

US reality in socialist Cuba

I never miss reading a Rickey Singh column on purpose. His takes on Caribbean politics and geopolitics are incisive and usually on target, with one exception: his take on Cuba. Read More »

Nowhere to get help before it’s too late

Love and care In the midst of a kind of pain that only she could experience but not explain, young mother Okilia Mayers tries to come to terms with the gruesome and macabre death of her two babies at the hands of a man who loved them. Trying to make sense of the connection between love and this grievous, hateful act, she speaks of her own abuse, not able to imagine its cruel segue into the lives of her children and their eventual deaths. Read More »

Politicians’ duty to serve us

Politicians and citizens are reminded that Trini­dad and Tobago subscribes to the United Nations Decla­­ration on the Right to Devel­opment, defined as “an inalienable human right, by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development...”. Read More »

Schools need departments of reform

Indiscipline has become a national problem. It is evident from our highest house of Parliament, to public workers, schools and at every rung of our social ladder. Indiscipline has grown into a ravaging monster of seemingly uncontrollable proportions. Read More »

Real Caribbean man

We join the other contributors to the memory of Norman Girvan, a special Caribbean man, by relating personal encounters with him beginning almost 50 years ago. Read More »

Greed messed up a great opportunity

When one is placed in a leadership position in an organisation, there exist a high level of fiduciary responsibility that is part and parcel of that position. A fiduciary is defined as an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. Read More »

Victims in children’s homes need a voice

In all good conscience, I am compelled to take issue with a newspaper report which says the chairman of the Child Protection Task Force, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt, does not believe there is reason enough for an investigation into the death of Brandon Har­greaves and, by extension, the St Michael Home for Boys. Read More »

Why First Citizens board must go

The Attorney General in his recent press conference shifted the blame for the First Citizens situation to the management of the IPO process as well as to the need for management to “take a hard, clinical look to improve control”. Read More »

Robinson always a class act

Many people use the term “class” to describe a good sportsman...for example, Sir Vivian Richards or Brian Lara. Read More »

Rebel with a cause

I would like us to take a second look at the opprobrium now being heaped on Basdeo Panday’s head for daring to speak somewhat at variance with the many superlatives attached to the passing of ANR Robinson, going further, with seeming indelicacy, depending on where you stand, to insist that he won’t be attending the funeral. Can we even begin to understand his stance on this matter? Read More »

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