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The public, first line of Ebola defence

Caribbean governments are losing the battle to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) even before it has begun. Read More »

Finding light through the darkness of ignorance

What is the appeal of Divali and what is the message that renders this occasion so relevant to all regardless of their diversity? Read More »

‘From Laventille with Love’

I read your article this morning “From Laventille with Love” on Esther Pope, the young lady who said “Wherever you are planted, you can bloom.” Read More »

Govt’s food discounts unfair to other importers

Let me at the onset of this letter state that my business is an importer of food products similar to NFM and the reason I am writing is to highlight the unfair trade practice being carried out via the Government and NFM’s 20 per cent discount. If this was the early eighties and nineties when NFM was the sole supplier of soybean oil and flour and dominant in rice I would have no problem with the current offer. Read More »

Amery trying to score cheap political points

I am shocked but not surprised at the statements of Amery Browne on the Ebola virus in this Friday’s Express. Ria Taitt’s article begins by saying that Browne calls for “the immediate and urgent convening of a special session of Parliament to deal with “compensation matters” with respect to the Ebola threat and to comprehensively review the Ebola situation and response”. Read More »

Kublalsingh’s ‘suicide without a cause’

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh has lost me. I can no longer follow his strategic plan. What is he doing: engaging in public suicide, terrorism, toddler tantrum or all of the above? There are all forms of public suicide. Suicide by police is where one stands in the middle of the road taunting the police to “shoot meh nah!, shoot me nah!” because one cannot do the dreaded deed oneself. Read More »

Ebola paranoia caused Nigeria ban

People are more paranoid than cautious about Ebola. Yes, we need to be prepared in case it comes to our country, but it seems that we really want this disease to come here. If doctors are asking for a salary increase and a $10-million insurance policy if they contract Ebola, it shows they are more interested in making money than trying to save lives. Read More »

Travel ban will hurt more than help

I wonder if the Government has carefully thought about everything based on this ban and the proposed impact that it can have on its citizens. It is all well and easy for the Government to do this but has it done a real study prior to making its decision. Some questions that I have are as follows: Read More »

The spoiled children of West Indies cricket

The sorry state of West Indies cricket has sunk to a new low. Read More »

Wayne is no Gandhi

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh has convinced himself by virtue of his personal beliefs that he could paralyse the Government and convince it to listen or accept his terms and conditions in the proposal of his HRM or the Highway Re-route Movement. Read More »

Ebola spread was predictable

I would like to argue that the spread of Ebola and other diseases is a predictable and logical consequence of globalisation and an increasing world population which is about 7.3 billion. Read More »

Ebola quarantine plan not making sense

It is with dismay that I read in your newspaper that the Minister of Health has decided to quarantine citizens of this country returning from named West African countries. Read More »

Prisoners finding a way to make crime pay

There seems to be a growing trend among prisoners to claim they were beaten by prisoner officers and then sue for compensation. Read More »

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