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Religious leaders offer little to national conversation

As we celebrate our 52nd anniversary of our Independence, the question of “what is a politician” came to mind. One definition says a politician is someone who is involved in public policy and decision-making. Read More »

Animal activist Jowelle deserving of award

Congratulations to Jowelle de Souza, activist for animal welfare, on being awarded the Hummingbird Medal (Bronze) for her long-standing and selfless devotion to animal rights in Trinidad and Tobago. Read More »

Curb those noisy beachgoers

This is to highlight the inconsiderate beha­viour of the owner of a vehicle who chose to disturb the soothing atmosphere of Maracas Beach with his loud noise over the Independence weekend, Saturday, August 30. Read More »

Constituency fund helpful if managed well

The proposed $10 million constituency fund is the best thing to happen to people at the grassroots level since sliced bread. Only good could come out of this fund. Those who are opposed to it are not taking a big look at the objectives of the fund. Read More »

Beware the ‘voice of God’

As things stand, the provisions of the Constitution entrenched by Section 54, including Section 54 itself, as has been helpfully drawn to my attention, require special majorities for their alteration. Others, even if perceived by the community at large to be fundamental, may be altered by any government so inclined, it appears, by the expediency of a simple majority, necessarily apparent and transparent, conscience vote or not. Read More »

Run-off nothing new globally

Taken straight off the Internet, “Run-off voting is a voting system used in single-seat elections. It is used widely around the world, including in elections for the president of France and Finland, and especially in a poli­tical party’s primary elections, in which it selects candidates to present to the public.” Read More »

Taken for a ride

Three days before its 52nd anniversary of Independence, Trinidad and Tobago had the distinct honour of joining the exclusive club of two out of 52 Commonwealth countries to have both the recall and run-off systems. Read More »

Say no to ice buckets, yes to real action

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease is one type of a number of sclerosis diseases. It is currently being touted à la “ice-bucket challenge”. Most people find it noble. As a biology major and a man of (apparently) little common sense, I find it pathetic. Here’s why: Read More »

Functions and mechanics of govt

A PECULIAR irony could be emerging in Trinidad and Tobago, where a prime minister who moved to limit her own hold and control over political power, has been made even stronger by a renewed public trust. Read More »

A victory for the ‘vanquished’

I followed much of the debates in the Parliament on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2014 and have concluded that the outcome, from the standpoint of the People’s Partnership, can be described only as “pyrrhic’’ , i.e. “a victory costing more to the victor than to the vanquished”. Read More »

A minority, majority puzzle

The 18:12 majority vote in the Senate is interesting as it camouflages the 6:3 vote on the Independent bench. Read More »

Entering uncharted waters without a life jacket

During the debate of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 in the House of Representatives, the Government stoutly and vehemently defended its proposal for the introduction of a run-off election Read More »

Approval of reform proposals based on party supporters

The three different sections of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 have mixed support depending on party affiliation, according to preliminary findings of an ongoing survey being conducted on the bill by this writer. Read More »

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