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We must each do our part

The tragedy of the murdered German couple was indeed a heart-rending situation and surely our entire nation sympathises with the couple’s relatives during this difficult time. Our beautiful sister isle has been stained by this cowardly and heinous act. But we cannot let this define who we are as a people. Read More »

Applaud minister for acknowledging mistake

The now-acknowledged e-mail by a minister alleging her boss was interfering with the tendering process sets one thinking in many ways. For one like myself, who is now resigned to the culture of politicians singing for their supper, whatever may have been her real motive, it was refreshing to hear a young politician daring to go where angels fear to tread, upsetting the now well-established apple cart of not rocking the boat, no matter what. Read More »

How tendering works

There has been a lot written and spoken about construction contract tendering, evaluation and negotiations triggered by the new interchange to be managed by the National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (Nidco). However, I have not heard any opinion based on knowledge of the contracting process. Read More »

There was nothing underhanded

I would like to know when Stacy Roopnarine confided in David Abdulah she was forced to make a public apology. In fact, if not Ms Roopnarine, who told him? Mr Abdulah seems totally convinced she was made to say sorry about the private e-mail sent to the Prime Minister. Ms Roopnarine was well within her right to do so and she just wanted clarity. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you need to know something? Read More »

Wrong person picked to head Integrity Commission

Retired judge Zainool Hosein is the wrong person to head the Integrity Commission. Read More »

Easier way to help pupils affected by Manzanilla disaster

Concerning pupils who travel in and out of Mayaro to and from Sangre Grande and Manzanilla, wouldn’t it be easier, though a bit uncomfortable, for them to be temporarily transferred to schools in their district? Read More »

Different but with same needs

THE differently-abled community continues to be the forgotten people by governments past and present. They just don’t see us as people who are capable of making a contribution. Read More »

Calpysonian urinating on road setting a poor example

As the older folks would say, Lord, put a hand! On November 18 (last week Tuesday) I was in a maxi-taxi filled with children of various ages, heading back home on the road from Blanchiseusse to Arima. Read More »

Why celebrate that Strike Squad failure?

Overshadowed by the events of last week which included the tragic flooding of south west Trinidad and the ongoing controversy of the President’s housing allowance, was the reported celebration of the Strike Squad’s legacy of November 19, 1989. What legacy? Read More »

Wash away the confusion, Mr Ganesh

Roger Ganesh, director of highways and the lead field engineer surveying the damage to 500 metres of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road, presents an astonishingly bewildered picture of a mind utterly displaced by floodwaters rushing seawards from the Nariva Swamp. All the philosophical issues of progress are raised in this one 2014 event. Read More »

That scent is sky high

RECENTLY much has been said about the quantum the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) CEO receives in salary and other perks and benefits. One thing that has always bothered me after many years of using this airline is the constant odour of stale urine in its toilets. This is present even before a flight takes off from the airport when it may be assumed that this facility is at its cleanest. Read More »

Time to move on

So it is the 25th anniversary of the Strike Squad’s failure to qualify for this country’s first World Cup finals. Thanks Strike Squad, but we need to move on. I hope it’s the last I am hearing about this. Read More »

Questions for new Integrity Commission head

There is so much in our small country which is wrong that a credible and respected Integrity Commission can put right. So I sit and ponder why is it the newly appointed chairman, retired judge Zainool Hosein, has adopted this defensive and authoritarian posture from the inception of his appointment. Read More »

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