Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Robin’s house seized

Maraval house of former Independent Liberal Party (ILP) chairman Robin Montano was seized yesterday by the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company.

Bailiffs moved onto Montano’s property yesterday for his failure to pay arrears on a mortgage.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Montano said he will have the keys back to his house by Wednesday as he intends to pay off the mortgage.

He believes the seizing of his house was a deliberate act to embarrass him as he was told that  he had up to March to make payments.

“I’ve been set up, this never should have happened, if they had asked me I would have paid,” he said.

Montano said he will make the payment by today or tomorrow for the latest.

When asked by the Express if he was in financial trouble, Montano said he was not.

“They took me by complete surprise, I was making arrangements to pay off the whole mortgage, I’ve been in negotiations several months now. I paid a huge amount in December and I told them I will be paying it off in March,” he said.

“I had understood at all material times that I had until  March. If they had asked me on Friday I would have paid them but they didn’t. You want to embarrass me and you did. It was deliberately done to embarrass me, it was set up,” said Montano.