Thursday, December 14, 2017

Suicide pact or murder?

Couple shot dead

IT remains a mystery whether the couple found at Mosquito Creek, La Romaine, on Friday died as a result of a murder-suicide or a suicide pact. 

The autopsies performed on the bodies of Donald Ragoo and Pamela Maharaj yesterday at Forensic Science Centre in St James by Dr Eslyn McDonald Burris concluded that each died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head. 

Homicide investigators are expected to consult further with McDonald Burris on her forensic analysis of the wounds to determine how the deaths will be classified.  

The families said they believe the couple, whom they described as “inseparable”, had agreed to die together.

Ragoo, who was terminally ill with cancer, had two weeks ago lost a court battle over a property in Claxton Bay. 

The husband and wife, who were not employed, were issued a court order to vacate the premises. 

Ragoo, 58, went on a rampage as he set fire to his house in Crescent Drive, Macaulay, that had been put up for sale and also to a bar on Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay. 

He beat up and threatened to kill pensioner Jude Ramesar and, after someone intervened, Ragoo left in his vehicle. 

A Facebook post on Maharaj’s wall the day before she died said that she and her husband were enjoying dinner at a restaurant. 

However, in previous wall posts, at the end of May and last month, Maharaj showed distress.  

On June 9, Maharaj posted: “God please help my husband to get better.”  

A June 28 post stated: “Everyone just give us false promises and lies. Could anyone ever believe them? They led us down to destruction, hurt and anger.”

Another one posted that same day stated: “This is a true saying: the higher you climb, the harder you fall. I witnessed that today for all those people who feel they are better than other people, think again, we all have to go down that road someday.”  

Maharaj’s posts  for July, however, stated she was having a good time with her husband and wishing the good times would last forever.  

Relatives said arrangements are being made for a joint funeral service to be held later this week.