Thursday, January 18, 2018


Chairman of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, Darryl Smith was at the Caribbean Chess Tournament with his son Yeshowah at NAPA yesterday. It was held in the foyer of the  air-conditioned Lord Kitchener auditorium.

Asked to  comment on the NAPA shutdown, he said: “It is politics. It is an election year. Somebody was supposed to have ensured the building did not get to this low state. I guess they will blame the people who built it. They will say the same thing about Tarouba Stadium and the Government Campus. But there will never be a problem at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain. They will give out the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) houses to make them look good for elections.”

In the background, Chinese labourers fixed a tile. A gardener pulled up weeds and stacked them into a bundle. Security guards were on duty. A few cars were in the carpark. Tadpoles were spotted frolicking the entire perimeter of the fountain. The gently rippling water looked murky.  

A note from the NAPA Health and Safety issues stated: “From inception, workers have been advised not to drink the water running through the taps in the building because it was not safe. Quite often the water in the toilet bowls is visibly brown.  

“Among the concerns that the water is unsuitable for drinking, it would also be unsuitable for washing dishes and hands.  Repeated efforts have been made to determine the source of the water without any success.”