Saturday, February 24, 2018

Warner: I feel vindicated

Asked for comment on the reports yesterday, former National Security minister Jack Warner said by e-mail:

“During my tenure as Minister of National Security I was accused of having knowledge and operating a New Flying Squad in my ministry.  I have consistently maintained my innocence of the allegations against me which were malicious and, at times, even vicious. Mervyn Cordner has wasted the time of the Police Service and the country with his frivolous ideas and has sought to bring into disrepute the names of good men. Regrettably many more pressing matters will never have the benefit of such attention of the Police Service, the Police Complaints Authority nor even the Government.

I have been provided with copies of the report of the office of the Commissioner of Police as well as the Police Complaints Authority into the alleged establishment of the New Flying Squad. I as well as others who worked under me during my tenure have been fully vindicated in both reports.

I however remain surprised and shocked that the Police Complaints Authority would seek to hold Commander Heerah responsible for misbehaviour in public office for the way he dealt with Cordner and others.  In my view the evidence does not support such findings against Commander Heerah who worked as my advisor in the Ministry of National Security at the time.

I hope the Government and the media will treat my vindication with equal vigor in the same way they tried to persecute me when the allegations were made.”