Saturday, February 17, 2018

16 years jail for ganja in car

Tunapuna man passenger in front seat

 A 45-year-old Tunapuna man was sentenced to 16 years hard labour by a Port of Spain judge after he had been found guilty of trafficking 3.5 kilogrammes of marijuana in 2002.

Samuel Ramesar, of Centenary Street, Tunapuna, stood in silence when he appeared before Justice Devan Rampersad in the Port of Spain Assizes on March 28.

The State was represented by Brent Winter and Ka­vi­ta Persad.

After mitigating factors were placed before the courts, including the fact that Ra­me­sar was a father of five; the drugs found were of a much smaller quantity than those in recent cases which were concluded at the Port of Spain Assizes; and it was not the State’s contention in its case that Ramesar was a major player in a drug operation but ra­ther he was a passenger in a car, Justice Rampersad delivered his ruling. 

He however noted Ra­mesar was in custody a total of 54 days since his conviction and as such ordered this time be removed from the sentence.

In previous sittings, Justice Ram­persad had heard from the State’s main witnesses, Cpl Nirmal Ramjattan and Insp Michael Modeste, that on December 20, 2002, at the Bamboo Settlement No 1 intersection, Valsayn, just after 8 a.m., Ramesar and another man were arrested after the officers intercepted a green Nissan B11 car. 

The car was searched and 3.5 kilogrammes of compressed marijuana was found in a black bag near to the front passenger seat where Ram­esar was seated. 

The drug, at the time, carried an estimated street value of $100,000.