Sunday, January 21, 2018

175 fathers attend first Daddy’s Day

The hills of San Fernando came alive last Monday, when the Parent Teachers Council (PTC) of San Fernando Boys’ RC, in collaboration with the school, hosted its first Daddy­’s Day event.

Over 175 fathers who are posi­tive male role models—uncles, godfathers, stepdads and grandfathers—took time off from their jobs to spend eight hours bonding with their sons.

PTC vice-president Brian Taylor said the event was envisioned by the PTC’s education officer, Gisselle Stephens-Phillips, who brought the idea to the executive.

“The school as well as educational stakeholders were informed and they latched onto the idea.” 

Taylor said the current PTC executive has a close partnership with the school and continues to foster ties between parents, teachers and children.

He said events such as these enforce the need for parents, especially fathers, to have an active role in their sons’ lives.

Taylor applauded the fathers for investing time in their kids, saying the information disseminated was well received and appreciated by fathers in attendance.

“Those present also showed an emotional side and were comfortable. It was hailed by all as well needed, and overall it was well enjoyed by the fathers present.”

School social worker Sule Dyer, in describing the events, said he was impressed by the turnout.

“The fathers and, in particular, their participation was great. Seeing the chemistry between father and son and vice versa was amazing.”

Dyer said in light of the football season, fathers and sons wore white jerseys and their names were written on the back of the clothing as a keepsake showing they were a representation of each other.

The fathers, he explained, were also asked to walk with hammers. They were given seve­ral scraps of wood, nails, soil mix and seedlings to build grow-boxes along with their boys.

“The building of the grow-boxes and planting of the seedlings was my way of showing the fathers how to foster and build relationships with their sons,” Dyer said.

The event was also attended by Monsignor Christian Pereira, vice-principal Donna Solomon and teachers of San Fernando Boys’ RC.