Saturday, February 17, 2018

19 murders in one week


Rani Ramdeen, the daughter of murdered couple Krishna and Radha Ramdeen, screams in anguish outside the family home at Fullerton Village, Cedros.

Donstan Bonn

A week into the new year, and 19 citizens have now been murdered.

In Arouca this morning, Hezekiah Mark, was shot dead. Police were told that at around 7.30a.m, gunshots were heard at Hillview Drive, and Mark, 38, was found in a drain opposite house in which he lived.

In Cedros, a man found his parents dead at the family home and business.

The bodies of Krishna Ramdeen, 63, and wife Radha, 57, were discovered at around 8 a.m. The couple operated the White Diamond bar and mini mart at Fullerton Village, Cedros, and would normally open at 5 a.m. However, when early morning customer found the placed locked, a son, Ravi Ramdeen was called to the place to unlock it.

He found his parents dead on the ground floor. The woman had been suffocated with a plastic bag. It is uncertain how Krihsna Ramdeen died. Police said there was blood everywhere. The Ramdeens were parents of four and grandparents of eight. The Express was told that about a month ago, the couple began burglar proofing the premises after a robbery. Residents said the couple was decent and law abiding and had no known enemies.

Krishna Ramdeen was said to be enfeebled by a stroke. Outside the house, a daughter Rani Ramdeen screamed "hang them! Hang them when you all find them. That was my mother and father. They didn't do nobody nothing!".

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