Friday, January 19, 2018

$1m ganja found in car on police compound


WORTH $1 MILLION: Officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force (NEDTF) display 55 kilogrammes of compressed high-grade marijuana valued at about $1 million at the Morvant Police Station on Tuesday night. It was found in the trunk of a stolen Honda Civic after the car was seized and taken to a compound in Sea Lots where stolen vehicles are stored. See story on Page 3. –Photo: Rickie Ramdass

Mark Fraser

FIFTY-FIVE kilogrammes of compressed high-grade marijuana, with an estimated street value of $1 million, was found in a car on a police compound in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, which is used for storing stolen vehicles.

The discovery was made on Tuesday evening by officers attached to the North Eastern Division Task Force shortly after the vehicle was brought onto the compound.

The officers said the gold-coloured Honda Civic was discovered by other officers in the Western Division earlier in the day and taken to Sea Lots for storage.

They were unable to say exactly where within the division the car was found, or if anyone had been arrested following the seizure of the vehicle.

The officers said around 5.30 p.m. a civilian informant contacted the task force office at the Morvant Police Station and gave officers a tip-off that drugs were stored in the trunk of the vehicle.

A team of officers, led by Insp Roger Alexander and including Sgt Cornelius Samuel and Cpl Sunil Bharath, left the station and went to the Sea Lots compound, where they requested the keys to the vehicle. The officers said they were met with some resistance.

The officers said after being given the keys they opened the trunk of the car and found the mari­juana.

It was later seized and taken to the Morvant station and experts were called in to dust for fingerprints on the packages. However, no prints were found during the ini­tial dusting.

The fingerprint experts later took some of the packages to carry out further tests, which were being done up to yesterday afternoon, said police.

Investigators said they believe some officers stationed at the compound were aware the drugs were in the vehicle.

Also included in the exercise were PCs Marvin Forde, Clint Dass, Jerome Gordon and Brandon Thomas.

Cpl Bharath is continuing investigations.