Monday, February 19, 2018

200 schools under repair, says Tim

More than 200 primary and secondary schools are under repair and Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said the Ministry will be moving to ensure that works are completed in time for the opening of the new school term in September.

Gopeesingh said repair works were being carried out at 225 schools across the country over the July-August vacation period.

He was speaking to the media as he visited St Joseph Secondary School yesterday to look at repair works underway.

In the past, a number of schools had to remain closed at the start of the new school year, because repairs were not completed on time.

“The Ministry of Education will be moving on weekends and during the week as well, monitoring what is happening, we cannot guarantee anything in finality... We will work as best to ensure that all are completed,” said Gopeesingh.

He pointed out that all 225 schools under repair were opened up to the last day of school earlier this month, so he said there was no reason why those schools should not be able to resume classes at the start of next term.

It is costing about $50-60 million to repair the schools. Gopeesingh said the old buildings are to be assessed.

He said that those which have been found to be structurally sound based on the engineering report will be kept and repaired and used for a number of other purposes which the Government may have.