Tuesday, July 28, 2015

$200,000 ransom to release gardener


A $200,000 ransom has been demanded for the safe release of a Manzanilla gardener who was reportedly kidnapped on Tuesday.

Police said John Ram­outar, 62, told relatives he was going to tend to his crop.

He lives on the Eastern Main Road, Manzanilla, and his garden is lo­cated about 100 metres from his home.

Investigators said when he did not return

home, Ramoutar’s daughter-in-law called his cellphone around 5.40 p.m. She heard her father-in-law’s screams on the line before the phone went dead, police said.

The woman dialled Ra­moutar’s number again. She told investigators a man answered and said her father-in-law owed him money and he would not be released until that sum was paid.

Police said Ramoutar’s son, Richard, received a call later that eve­ning. The caller demanded $200,000 for his father’s safe release.

No further calls were made to Ramoutar’s rela­-

tives and calls to his cell-

phone remain unanswered.

The Anti-Kidnapping Squad was contacted and is investigating.