Sunday, January 21, 2018

20 years for sex offender, 64

Judge slams 'disgusting actions'

High Court Judge Andre Mon Desir sentenced 64-year-old Laventille man to 20 years after he was found guilty of sodomising a teenage slow-learner in 2003.

Mon Desir, presiding in the Fourth Criminal Court, at the Hall of Justice described the actions of Anthony McClean as disgusting.

McClean was found guilty by a nine-member jury on July 20 and sentencing was deferred.

A father of two and grandfather of six, McClean was represented by attorney Raphael Morgan, while the State was represented by attorney Randall Hector.

In passing sentence, Mon Desir told McClean he "demonstrated callousness in the way you took the victim to satisfy your sexual desires".

The judge said it was bewildering to him "what would cause an adult to look at a child and becoming sexually aroused."

"You are someone whom society, especially children need to be protected from and during your incarceration you will mend your ways and become productive," Mon Desir said.

Mon Desir said at no time did the convicted man demonstrate any remorse for his actions, having gone through a preliminary enquiry and a first trial which ended in a hung jury.

Instead, according to Mon Desir, McClean opted to cast aspersions at the victim accusing him of being a thief.

Mon Desir said the actions of McClean showed "it was a deliberate and premeditated ghastly act, despite the victim resisting, you pressed on".

The judge said he wanted to send a message to those in society and for some individuals "a long sentence will get their attention."

It was the State's case that on September 4, 2003, the victim was visiting his aunt at a store in East Side Plaza, Port of Spain, and went to use the washroom.

McClean entered and buggered the teen. A security guard on hearing the commotion intervened and McClean was arrested and subsequently charged by the police.

McClean in his defence denied the incident took place.