Tuesday, February 20, 2018

210 homeless in San Fernando

THERE are now 210 homeless people on the streets of San Fernando, almost double the number from six years ago.

And city mayor Kazim Hosein said yesterday he intends to find ways to

solve the problem.He suggested a public consultation and feasibility study involving stakeholders to come up with options The issue was raised at the city corporation's monthly statutory meeting yesterday by councillor for Pleasantville Robert Parris who said that the street dwelling situation continues to pose a challenge to residents and patrons.

Hosein said a study conducted by Servol found that there were 117 homeless people on the streets. Presently, there are approximately 210 homeless people living in the city, he said.

Court Shamrock, a night shelter, has limited space, with beds for 16 individuals, said councillor Vidya Mungal-Bissessar. Hosein said that in May 2013, Cabinet approved $17 million to deal with the critical situation of vagrancy and homelessness, and that the corporation was seeking a humane approach, through evaluating the medical and mental condition of the individuals.

He said public consultation would include measures for early detection, treatment, support and rehabilitation of the homeless.