Saturday, February 24, 2018

25-year-old murder accused walks free

MOMENTS after he was found not guilty Monday of murdering one of his friends, a 25-year-old man said he felt as if he has been given a chance at a new beginning.

Shadale Duncan now wants to get involved in agriculture and open his own business.

Thanking his attorneys Wayne Sturge, Amanda LaCaille and Hasine Sheik, Duncan said the time he spent in custody awaiting trial since his arrest in 2005 has taught him a lot about values.

"But the education in the prison system lacking a lot,'' Duncan said.

While he celebrated his new-found freedom with his family on the steps of the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain, Carl Brizan, father of 19-year-old Roger Brizan who was stabbed to death on November 2, 2005, expressed shock at the verdict delivered by the 12-member jury.

"My son was waiting on a maxi-taxi to go home and they come up the road and stab him,'' Brizan said.

"And they find him not guilty of murder? Not even manslaughter? Something is wrong. How could that be?''

The trial was heard before Justice Geoffrey Henderson.

Leading evidence on behalf of the State was attorney Brent Winter.

Adrian Thompson, who told the court he was present when an argument erupted, testified that Duncan was like a wild animal when he stabbed Brizan with a knife.

Thompson said Duncan, seconds before launching the attack on Brizan, told a group of friends, "I cool. I cool. I cool.''

Thompson told the court that he, Duncan, Brizan, Wendell Oliver and Adanna Skerritt were at the corner of Eastern Main Road and Waterloo Road, Arouca when the incident occurred.

"He went mad like a wild animal,'' Thompson testified.

In his defence, Duncan said he was defending himself when an attempt was made to rob him.