Friday, January 19, 2018

26-year-old dies of asthma attack

 A 26-year-old Ben Lomond man died on Friday after suffering an asthma attack, police said yesterday. 

Jeremy Sookermany, of Marcas Trace, succumbed to his illness at Princes Town Health Facility. 

According to police, Sookermany was at home when, during the afternoon, he complained to his wife, Alesha Mohammed-Sookermany, of stomach pains. 

He was taken for medical treatment but was pronounced dead at the facilty at around 6.44 p.m. 

Police said an autopsy at the San Fernando mortuary on Saturday concluded that he died after suffering an asthma attack. 

At his home yesterday, his relatives declined to speak to the media. 

They said funeral arrangements were yet to be made.