Wednesday, January 17, 2018

$3 million home/business destroyed

...owner injured trying to extinguish flames


The ruins of the Sinanan family home and business at Lachoos Road, Penal

Donstan Bonn

PREMRAJ Sinanan was injured last Friday during a desperate

attempt to save the family home and business from being destroyed in

a fire. In the end, the blaze consumed everything at the property

located at Lachoos Road, Penal. Damage is estimated at $3 million.

Sinanan, his wife and one-year-old daughter, shared the home

with brother Chaitram Sinanan. The brothers own

separate furniture manufacturing businesses located on the compound.

Premraj Sinanan got the help of relatives and neighbours who

all tried to extinguish the fire which broke out late that night.

However, the blaze was too intense.

Sinanan suffered severe burns to both arms and forehead and had to be

treated at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.