Saturday, December 16, 2017

30 witnesses but no evidence

Khan: State yet to link accused cops...

SENIOR Counsel Israel Khan yesterday said that 30 State witnesses have testified against the six police officers charged with three murders, but the State is yet to show "an iota of evidence implicating these men".

He asked about the other prosecution witnesses and again called for a second statement he said was given by the State's main witness, Constable Nicole Clement.

Clement was jointly charged with the murders, along with Sergeant Khemraj Sahadeo and Constables Renaldo Riviero, Glenn Singh, Roger Nicholas, Safraz Juman and Antonio Ramadin, with the shooting deaths of Moruga residents Abigail Johnson, Allana Duncan and Kerron "Fingers" Eccles in Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore, on July 22, 2011.

She has since turned State witness and now faces the charge of allegedly conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Clement is on $100,000 bail and is being kept at a safe house.

When the enquiry was called in the Princes Town First Magistrate's Court yesterday, Khan said he had received Clement's first statement.

"That is helping me very much, but I want the second one."

Princes Town Senior Magistrate Debra Quintyne said she was unaware of this second statement.

Prosecuting attorney Senior Counsel Gilbert Peterson responded, "If you are lucky, by Christmas."

He also told Khan that all witnesses could not be called on the same day.

Yesterday, Ramesh Jacob, the owner of a wrecking service, and three police officers— Acting Sergeant Veano Ragoo and Constables Akile Clarence and Utam Ramdass—testified before Quintyne.

An entry Ragoo made in his personal diary was tendered as evidence during Khan's cross-examination.

Entries from a firearm registry were also tendered into evidence during the testimony of Clarence and Ramdass.

Quintyne adjourned the case to next week Thursday.