Thursday, January 18, 2018

40 semifinalists for Calypso Fiesta

THANKS to the $2 million first prize for the major Carnival competitions, judges were in for a hard time this year when they visited tents to select the artistes for the semifinal of the National Calypso Monarch competition, chairman of the Adjudicating Committee, Malcolm Holdip, said yesterday.

Holdip, who is also a High Court Judge, said this year's calypso competition drew 450 entrants. He added that up to yesterday afternoon, 50 calypsonians were heard by judges before the final 40 were selected to participate in the semifinals at Skinner Park on Saturday.

Following is a list of the semi-finalists for the Calypso Fiesta and the finalists in the category competitions.

Semifinalists in alphabetic order:

Artiste Sobriquet Calypso

Alex Gift Tobago Chalkie "Walk In Dem Footprints"

Anthony Emrold Phillip Bro. Valentino "The Glory Days"

Asten Isaac Guidance "Living In the And"

Brian London "We Fed Up"

Cathrine Williams "Me And My Drums"

Deneison Moses Dee Diamond "Eyes On the Hill"

Devon Seale "Ah Need Meh Carnival"

Dexter Parsons Stinger "Mystic Revelations"

Dexter Stewart Blaxx "Good Time"

Dillon Thomas Dilly Suede "Guide Them"

Eric Taylor Pink Panther "Chalkie Say"

Errol Ballantyne Bally "Carnival Country"

Francine Edwards Singing Francine "Nothing But the Truth"

Heather Mc Intosh "Keep It"IT

Hollis Liverpool Chalkdust "Wounded Pride"

Joanne Rowley Tigress "Woman To Woman"

Karen Eccles-Thomas "We Will Rise"

Karene Asche "Uncle Jack"

Kizzy Ruiz "The Anti Corruption Cure"

Knolly Brown Brown Boy "Toy Of The Year"

Lesley Ann Ellis "In Denial"

Marsha Charles Lady Adana "Ready For The Truth"

Marva Joseph Marvellous Marva "Salvation"

Michael Legerton Protector "Ah Rising"

Michael Osouna Sugar Aloes "Not One Word"

Moses Munro eXposer "Thing's You'll Never See"

Neville Brown Bunny B "Big M Small M"

Nicole Thomas "Spirit Of Truth"

Phillip Murray Black Sage "Thank God For T & T"

Rodney Le Blanc Benjai "Trini"

Sean Daniel "Laptop"

Selvon Noel Mr Shak "The Real Magicians"

Shamika Denoon "A Prayer For Our Nation"

Sheldon Bullen Sheldon Nugget "Then We Will Rise"

Tameika Darius "Ungrateful"

Victor Mc Donald Mr Mack "Crooks Family"

Weston Rawlins Cro Cro "Compare And Contrast"

Wilfred Barker Young Creole "Shave Meh Barberman"

Winston Noel Daz "Fork In Napkin"

Winston Scarborough De Fosto "Sing Louis Sing"

Finalists for Social Commentary

Devon Seale "Ah need meh carnival"

Carlos James Skatie "Obeah man advice"

Phillip Murray Black Sage "Thank God for T & T"


Victor Mc Donald Mr Mack "Crooks Family"

Winston Noel Daz "Fork in napkin"

Wilfred Barker Young Creole "Shave meh barberman"


Karene Asche "Uncle Jack"

Hollis Liverpool Chalkdust "Minningitis"

Eric Taylor Pink Panther "Chalkie Say"