Tuesday, January 23, 2018

40 set to compete in Calypso Fiesta tomorrow


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The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians' Organisation (TUCO) has announced the order of appearance of the 40 semi- finalists for the National Calypso Monarch Competition 2013 (Calypso Fiesta), which takes place tomorrow at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

From noon, the calypsonians will battle for a spot in the finals, scheduled for February 7, against reigning Calypso Monarch Duane O'Connor.

Order of appearance

Alex Gift—Tobago Chalkie—A Spranger's Story

Allan Fortune—Mudada—Oh Gawd Oh

Kurt Allen—Political Sin Phony

Victor McDonald—Mr Mack—Side Effects

Devon Seale—Game Show Politics

Giselle Fraser Washington—GG—

Stretch Out Yuh Hand

Lesley Ann Ellis—Who Runs The World

Henson Wright—Calypso Prince—

Asylum Without A Gate

Shamika Denoon—Let's Talk Tobago

Anthony Hendrickson—All Rounder—

Look How Trinbago Come

Sandra Des Vignes Millington—

Singing Sandra—Failure Is Not An Option

Sean Daniel—D Psalmist—Rainbow Race

Randolph Hillaire—Count Robin—

Politicians in Heaven

Alana Sinnette—No Moral Authority

Kizzie Ruiz—In The Age of Blog

Lynette Steele—Lady Gypsy—Brand Name

Myron Bruce—Myron B—Oscar Awards

Michelle Henry—Blind Man's Bluff

Marion Pamponette—The Last Days

Carlos James—Skatie—Prophet With Honour

Marva Joseph—Marvellous Marva—

Come Back To What

Eunice Peters—None of the Above

Winston Scarborough—The Original De Fosto Himself—Calypso Glad Yuh Gone

Roderick Gordon –Mr Chucky—Bear With Me

Michael Legerton—Protector—Lick Dem Down

Michael Osouna—Sugar Aloes—Not De Land

Helon Francis—Tainted Legacy

Nicole Thomas—Take Me Away

Khadja Antoine—Tears For The Children

Heather MacIntosh—The Old Man's Lament

Roslyn Reid—With You I Belong

Karen Eccles Thomas—Karen Eccles—

Give I Will Reciprocate

Victoria Cooper—Queen Victoria—D Betrayal

Dillon Thomas—Dilly Suede—For Ah Crown

Terri Lyons—Born Fighter

Hollis Liverpool—Chalkdust—

Virginia's Alzheimer

Karene Asche—Meh Pardna Ship

Sheldon Nugget—One Race

Eric Taylor—Pink Panther—Travel Woes

Marsha Charles—Lady Adana—Last Call

Reserves: Ann Marie Parks-Kojo—Twiggy—People First

Lornette Nedd Reid—Fya Empress—

Painter of Images