Sunday, February 18, 2018

4 weeks hard labour for pervert

STEVEN HUDLIN, the man who was caught exposing his genitals and masturbating while calling out to females in Chaguanas, has been described as being "of sound mind and judgment", according to a mental evaluation conducted by the St Ann's Hospital.

Around 6 p.m. on March 10, officers of the Chaguanas Municipal Police Station found Toyota Corolla PBZ100 parked with its front driver's side door open near the Port of Spain taxi stand on the Old Southern Main Road in Chaguanas.

Hudlin was found seated in the driver's seat with his legs outside the vehicle, pants down and masturbating. He was calling out to female pedestrians.

Hudlin's arrest is believed to have cracked a year-old case of a flasher in Chaguanas.

On March 12, Hudlin appeared before Magistrate Avason Quinlan at the Chaguanas Third Magistrate's Court charged with indecent exposure.

Hudlin admitted to Quinlan that he has been exposing himself for "a while now" and that "something takes him over when he sees women".

Quinlan described Hudlin as "a serious threat to society" and ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation at the St Ann's Hospital.

Hudlin returned to court yesterday to be sentenced. His mental evaluation was presented.

Although the St Ann's asylum described Hudlin as being of "sound mind and judgment", Quinlan advised his family to seek counselling for him.

He was sentenced to four weeks hard labour.

PCs McAllister, Rambahal, Langley and Baksh arrested Hudlin.