Monday, December 18, 2017

5 quizzed in cop killing

A TOTAL of five men are currently assisting the police in the investigation into Wednesday night's shooting death of an off-duty police officer who was ambushed along with three others at Dump Road, Arima, where he went in search of a car engine.

Kevin McMillan, 38, of Torrib Trace, New Grant, died while undergoing emergency surgery at Arima District Hospital.

He was incorrectly identified as Ken McMillan by a close relative of his.

The Express paid a visit to the murder scene yesterday afternoon and spoke to some of the residents there about what had happened.

Dump Road, Arima is located off Eastern Main Road and leads to a massive landfill which serves the disposal needs for much of East Trinidad.

The area is sparsely populated but there is a thriving scrap metal industry and there were at least five shipping containers packed with scrap metal destined for export.

A few residents said the area had become tainted by the scourge of crime which had become even worse in the last five years.

One woman said she heard about the shooting death of PC McMillan (before it made the news) and although she did not hear any gunshots she too heard that the police officer had indeed gone to the area in search of a car engine.

"This was true," she said.

Several young men were seen peeping from behind trees as the Express was told that they did not trust too many "outsiders" who entered the area.

A car stopped behind and its driver kept a close eye then slowly drove away.

Another woman said: "This place eh easy nah and to tell yuh the truth up here get very ridiculous. It get real outta hand."

She continued: "It get very uncontrollable and it is all because of the dump as this one fighting that one for old iron because there is money in it. They have a habit where they be stopping the dump trucks and fighting the drivers for rubbish so it real out of order now and it is not like how it was before."

Enquiries are continuing.