Sunday, February 25, 2018

$.5m for fall at credit union

A New Grant man who was injured in a fall at the TECU Credit Union building in Marabella five years ago has been awarded $.5 million by the court.

The judgment was delivered by Master Martha Alexander in the San Fernando High Court.

The credit union was sued for negligence by Deryck Christopher, of Sixth Company Village, New Grant, who said he went to withdraw money on June 25, 2008, at around 10.30 a.m., and slipped and fell on a liquid substance on the ground.

Prior to the accident, Christopher, 48, was employed as a heavy equipment operator, serviceman and foreman with Industrial Equipment Repairs Ltd.

He was represented by Ria Joseph, instructed by Robin Ramoutar.

Attorney Roger Kawal­singh appeared for the credit union.

Christopher stated in court documents: “I was unable to stand up so I had to remain seated on the floor of the main office, with my both legs out­stretched in front of me. The floor was cold and felt moist underneath me. There were 30-40 persons in the area around me at the time. I remained seated on the cold, tiled floor of the main office for approximately one hour while persons walked past me almost every three to five minutes.”

He stated: “While seat­-

ed on the floor way, a woman approached me and identified herself to me as Ms Joy Jarvis, ope­rations manager at the credit union. Ms Jarvis enquired as to how I fell and asked about the business I came to transact at the defendant’s office that day.

“I told Ms Jarvis that I came to withdraw some money from my account

and the amount. She took more personal information from me and returned with the said sum of money and handed me the same, along with her call card, whilst I was still seated on the floor of the main office.”