Thursday, December 14, 2017

5th annual Belmont football clubs reunion on this Sunday

Former professional, national and club footballers will get together for a memorable reunion when the Belmont Dynamos, Colts, Luton Town, Shamrock and Associates organisation host their fifth annual reunion of Belmont football clubs this Sunday, at the Queen's Park Savannah (in front of Cadiz Road) from 11 a.m.

Organisers said for the past four years the reunions have been successful ventures which many in the community look forward to.

"As always this venture will bring together over 300 former footballers and supporters from a memorable era. Many of these veterans have represented Trinidad and Tobago, the West Indies and also played professionally overseas.

"The objective of the reunion is to rekindle the camaraderie which existed during the competitive period in the early days and to objectively involve themselves in the growth and development of community football in their respective communities," Gerald Brown, chairperson of the Belmont Dynamos, said.