Tuesday, June 27, 2017

$600 fine: licks for wife, child

A MAN who admitted to assaulting and shaving the hair off the head of his ex-common-law wife and hitting their two-year-old son with a bottle was yesterday fined $600.

Imamshah Ali told the court he heard the woman having a conversation with a man and felt disrespected.

The case was determined by San Fernando

Ma­gistrate Margaret Alert.

She was told at around 8 a.m. on Saturday, the 26-year-old woman, from Tableland, was at the defendant’s home when they got into an argument over a phone call.

Ali, 31, of Gasparillo, struck her with a teacup on the right side of her chin. The woman sustained a cut.

Police prosecutor Sgt Marlon Bruce said Ali continued quarrelling and prevented the wo­man from leaving.

Around 9 a.m. the following day, while sitting in the living room holding their son, Ali slapped her on the face, injuring her mouth. He also hit her on the head, causing swelling to the area.

The court heard Ali also took a shaver and cut the woman’s hair.

He then threw a bottle at her and it hit their son on the right side of the face, causing bruising and swelling.

When questioned by Constable Ferriera of the Gasparillo police, Ali said: “Is just a lil scuffle we had.”

He was charged with unlawfully assaulting the woman and his son by beating. Ali was also charged with assaulting the mother of his child with a teacup.

When asked by the magistrate what the argument had to do with the child, Ali said: “That was an accident.”

He told the magistrate that on Saturday, the woman called him and asked to spend the weekend at his home, and while there, he heard her having a conversation with a man.

“I find that was disrespectful. She can’t come by me and that happening.”

Asked why he used violence, Ali said his common-law wife was a “physical woman, too”.

He was fined $300 on each of the assault char­ges against his wife and child.

On the charge of assaulting the woman with the teacup, Alert said charging him for that offence was “overkill” as it had stemmed from the same incident.

She reprimanded and discharged Ali on that offence.

The $600 fine had to be paid by today or he will serve a month in prison.