Friday, December 15, 2017

$600 million in cocaine from T&T seized at U.S port

...concealed in cans of juice


The cocaine was concealed in these cans and the bust is considered the biggest in Norfolk history.

Donstan Bonn


Some of the cocaine found in cans of juice that originated in Trinidad and Tobago and seized in the United State in December.

Donstan Bonn

AN estimated U.S $100 million worth in cocaine concealed in fruit juice cans originating in Trinidad and Tobago was seized by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers in Virginia, United States in December.

The shipment smuggled in Trinidad Orange Juice cans which are manufactured by Citrus Growers Association, was discovered at the Port of Norfolk.

The cans were discovered in a shipping contained which was destined for New York, according to online news reports.

The cocaine was hidden in over 700 cans which were among thousands of cans, many of which contained juice.

According to CBP officers, there was no difference in the cans from the outside, according to News 3 television news.

The seizure was described by the CBP as "the largest in the port's history".

Mark Laria, Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director, told the US media : "We used every tool at our disposal. We have large scale X-ray equipment we have small scale x-ray equipment, we have probes, we have various tools and technology that were brought to bear on this shipment and it took every bit of it plus the officers knowledge and intuition to locate the cocaine in this shipment".

"I have children of my own, Iím always worried about where these drugs end up, are they getting to schools and for that reason I could not be more excited that this amount of cocaine is not going to make it out onto the streets", said Laria.

The CBP officers said the use of fruit cans is just one example of how creative drug traffickers are getting, having even used body bags in the past.