Tuesday, February 20, 2018

64 to be hired this week

Gopeesingh fills teacher vacancies...

Some 34 administrator-teachers and 30 teachers will be hired later this week by the Ministry of Education to fill vacancies in a number of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centres, Minister of Education Dr Tim Gopeesingh said.

At a press conference on Monday in response to questions regarding the opening of two Government-run ECCE centres in St Augustine and St Joseph, Gopeesingh said the director of Schools Supervision, who was removed by the last administration would be reinstituted at the level of the Ministry.

On the issue of the administrator-teachers, Gopeesingh said the Ministry had advertised the vacant positions in November last year. Interviews were conducted in December, he said, and the interview panel has recommended 34 administrator-teachers to be employed.

The 30 teachers in the ECCE programme will be engaged this week, he said.

"These are people whose contracts came to an end and we readvertised and re-selected."

On the issue of administrative teachers, he said, "We will be meeting with those selected and we are rearranging their responsibilities. We will have to discuss that (the rearranged responsibilities) with them first."

He said, too, that clerical positions in schools will also be filled shortly. The positions were advertised and 300 persons were short-listed. The final selection, he said, has begun for the 430 person needed.

The anomaly in salaries by contracted teachers and full-time staff, he said, is being addressed in discussions with stakeholders.

"Those on contracts receive $5,000 and in the same schools other teachers with the same experience receive $2,600."