Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘$7 million to upgrade Moruga Beach Facility’

IT is costing the State approximately $7 million to fully upgrade the Moruga beach facility. 

For this reason, the work is done in phases, said work supervisor at the Princes Town Regional Corporation, Roopnath Maharaj.

He said by year’s end, the Moruga Beach Facility was to be upgraded with a concrete paved car park, three additional gazebos, more washrooms, changing rooms and a band stand.

The first phase of the project, completed in 2012, cost $900,000, said Maharaj.

Included in the first phase was the construction of  the asphalt car park, four gazebos, stage area, lighting, infrastructure for water tanks and washroom areas.

Maharaj said last week work on the second phase was expected to begin at the end of next month. 

The invitation for tenders has already been issued.

Long term plans for the facility included placing interlocking tiles throughout the entire facility and the construction of a sea wall, Maharaj said.

The entire facility is approximately 152 metres in length and  60 metres in width, he said.

Maharaj said: “With all these upgrades, it will encourage persons to come to the Moruga Beach Facility and our constituency. We do not have all the money to spend right away so we are doing the upgrades in phases. We really want to make here a beautiful place something like what the beach facilities are like in Tobago. With more people coming to Moruga, that will boost business.”

Companies interested in tendering for the project  can obtain their documents from the Princes Town Regional Corporation, High Street, Princes Town.