Friday, December 15, 2017

8-year-old boy shot in gang shootout

An eight-year-old boy is among three victims allegedly injured in a shootout between warring gangs in East Port of Spain on Saturday afternoon. 

Police reported that at about 3 p.m. on Saturday, party of officers from the Inter Agency Task Force, including Cpl Budree, Cpl Cedono and PC Hall, were in a marked police vehicle responding to reports of a shooting in Block Eight, Laventille. 

When they reached the vicinity of Foster Road, Laventille, they heard several loud explosions. They soon realised that there were bullet holes to the roof of the vehicle, and its bonnet. 

It was then that the officers noticed three men, with what appeared to be firearms in their hands, standing along a nearby hill. Fearful that they would be the targets of another volley of shots, the policemen drew their firearms and opened fire on the trio.

However, the three men fled the scene and made good their escape on foot.

The officers then made their way to the Port of Spain General Hospital where they enquired if anyone had been admitted for gunshot injuries, in the hopes that they would be able to nab the three suspects.

However, the officers were instead informed of three other persons who had been admitted for gunshot injuries allegedly as a result of  a shootout between rival gangs. 

Michael Singh, 26, had been shot in his right shoulder and abdomen; Latisha Lewis, 22, had been shot in her lower back; and an eight-year-old boy, whose identity was unknown up to late yesterday, had received a gunshot injury to his shoulder. 

All three victims were said to be from Building Three, Block 22, Laventille. 

Singh and Lewis were kept overnight at the hospital while the eight-year-old boy was treated and discharged