Tuesday, January 16, 2018

$85,000 in exotic fish stolen: no bail for teenager

A TEENAGER charged with stealing $85,000 in exotic fish was denied bail on Monday.

Shane Matthew Mohammed, 18, of Golconda, will reappear in court today after his criminal record is checked.

Mohammed had pleaded guilty to taking the eight coys and one gold fish from a pool at the victim’s home.

When arrested, Mohammed allegedly admitted to stealing the fish and said that they had died. 

But during his court appearance, before Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington on Monday, Mohammed changed his plea.

It is alleged that on December 20 last year, he stole the fish from Sarley Seeharak. 

Defence attorney Annalee Girwar said that her client had been influenced to say that he had taken the fish.

And Everton Gay, who later appeared before Wellington for smashing a 42-inch flat screen television, was ordered to pay more than $10,000 in three months.

The court heard that Gay was at a bar in Ste Madeleine and had inserted $40 worth of coins into a slot machine. He complained that the money was stuck and he had not gotten an opportunity to play.

Gay became angry after he requested his money and did not get a favourable response.

He smashed the television set and the two mirrors at the bar.

Girwar asked for leniency and said that her client was the father of one. She admitted that he had a previous conviction for possession of marijuana.