Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A trying time for me, says Ramlogan

“I CAN breathe a sigh of relief because this has been a very trying time for me personally.” So said Attorney General Anand Ramlogan as his attorneys yesterday produced a certified affidavit from Google Inc, which they claim invalidates the entire emailgate scandal.

Ramlogan said the situation was difficult for him because he had never been accused of criminal wrongdoing before.

“It is the first time that I have been accused of such... of any criminal wrongdoing in my lifetime, and the nature of the crimes that were alleged to have occurred including attempting to...conspiring with the Prime Minister to attempt to murder a journalist, bugging the DPP’s (Director of Public Prosecutions) office to spy on the DPP, open corruption speaking about building a helipad and passing this in e-mails between the Prime Minister and myself,” Ramlogan said.

“These things don’t affect you personally alone, it affects the office that you hold and the international image and the reputation of the country that you love so dearly, because if those allegations had merit, could you imagine what the outside world looking in would have thought about the Government and us as a country? This was a conspiracy to bring the Government down by using parliamentary privilege to hatch a sinister plot to bring down the Government.”

Ramlogan said he had to spend a significant portion of time trying to disprove his guilt. “We have been put in the unenviable and invidious position of having to disprove our guilt rather than to prove our innocence. And given the way the Internet operates, one would obviously have been so nervous and anxious about this matter because you know you worried about—did anyone hack into your account and put something there?

“Would Google cooperate? Would the lawsuit succeed? And I mean this has taken me a year and a half with the support of the Prime Minister and Miss (Pamela) Elder as my local attorney, and in that year and a half it has been an intense legal battle with Google. They did not give a single inch or quarter. We had to fight them every single step of the way because at first they said they really don’t care about Trinidad and Tobago and they have tens of millions of subscribers all over the world and why would they... why should they concern themselves with a simple request from us?”

Ramlogan said he intends to sue Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for defamation of charact­er. “It’s been a long journey with a cloud of suspicion unnecessarily lurking and hanging over my head, but I am very happy that this revelation and vindication has come because we have been, from day one, very confident that this day will come,” Ramlogan said. Ramlogan said he would not rest until justice is served.