Thursday, February 22, 2018

AG condemns compensation story

...Accuses the PNM of making mischief

 Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said yesterday he wanted to “categorically condemn and refute” an article entitled “Clyde shipyard bosses win £130m compensation battle” which he said had “gone viral on social media on certain sites associated with and supportive of the Opposition”. 

“This is political mischief of the highest order. It seeks to revive an old article that was published in the Evening Times newspaper on 15 November 2012, at a time when Opposition Leader Keith Rowley was publicly announcing that the Government had lost the OPV arbitration and was ordered to pay British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) hundreds of millions of dollars. 

“The article in the Evening Times newspaper confirmed the erroneous statements that were being made by Dr Rowley here in Trinidad.” 

The Evening Times is published in Scotland and reports on shipbuilders like BAE which operate on the banks of the Clyde River.

Ramlogan said: “This erroneous article was quickly withdrawn after I threatened to sue the newspaper on behalf of the Government. A retraction was in fact published the following day by the Evening Times newspaper on the 16 November 2012. The correction can be seen by clicking on the following link:

“Much to the surprise, disappointment and chagrin of the Opposition, the Government emerged victorious in the OPV arbitration with BAE agreeing to pay the sum of 1.4 billion TT dollars to the State. This settlement was arrived at after I testified and was cross-examined over a two-day period in the arbitration in London.” 

He added: “It should be noted that the settlement came after both sides had presented their evidence and arguments and judgment reserved by the arbitrators. This is an important clarification as it being touted that the matter was settled without any hearing before the arbitration tribunal.”

Ramlogan said: “This misleading article has suddenly resurfaced on various PNM social media sites and is being forwarded to media personnel as part of a wider campaign design to discredit me. 

“It is a blatant lie and should be consigned to the legal scrapyard alongside the numerous other falsehoods that have been perpetuated against me. 

“These include racists statement made at the New York Mission (which I never visited), that I abused my position to seek personal banking information of private citizens from the FIU, that I have given 51 per cent of State briefs to my former law firm and the outrageous emailgate and prisongate scandals.”